Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate & Social Responsibilities

Gamtel is a pioneer in corporate social responsibility, with a cooperative welfare scheme offering staff a range of benefits, including loans to the company’s staff. Gamtel is one of the largest employers, with a workforce of more than 1,000 people, about a quarter of which are women. Training and skills development has always been at the core of our approach Form/Founded/open Gambia Telecommunication and Multimedia Institute (GTMI) to provide telecommunication engineering training to train aspiring telecoms engineer for the country.

Gamtel was the first company in The Gambia to set up and sponsor a football team, and which has participated at international level as part of it corporate social responsibility program to empower the youth.

Gamtel works in many areas of socio-economic development, the annual Gamtel/Gamcel fundraising GALA dinner is one such initiatives to help women and girls through health, agriculture and education programs. There is also the presidential alternative treatment program work to rehabilitate a female medical ward in the Edward Francis  Teaching Hospital, as well as work in rural areas by helping farmers with farming inputs. Gamtel has helped many of its staff to build homes and to educate their families through long-term loans. Other initiatives to help out staff facing difficulties also exist.

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