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ADSL+2 broadband Internet Service

ADSL2+ is an upgraded High-Speed fixed broadband internet connection on your telephone line, with no interruption on the voice calls. It enables faster data transmission through a single connection.

ADSL2+ connection is an ideal broadband internet solution for Residential, School, Small and Medium-sized Businesses that download large files or use the Internet extensively.

Are you new to ADSL2+? To get started, you need the following:

  • A Gamtel Telephone Line
  • An ADSL 2+ wireless modem for Wi-Fi access
  • All our ADSL2+ Modem have inbuilt filter to separate voice and data
  • For extended coverage you extra wireless access point
  • Small Business and Internet cafes

ADSL2+ broadband internet service stand out from the crowd with additional features specially tailored for small & medium-sized businesses without hidden charges and packed full of flexible features such as unlimited connection plan for 30 days, no-contract options and extra data with new plan when  needed.

Most small & medium-sized businesses find ADSL2+ Broadband fast enough for their needs. It allows them to send large files, access critical applications, run online services and video conferencing without any hassle.

  • Schools and NGOs

ADSL2+ broadband internet package for schools & NGOs is designed to provide a very stable connection for higher user experience, enabling constant research and e-learning resourcing. It also facilitates lectures and learning material sharing, especially in the fields of science and technology.

This package offers unlimited internet usage 24/7  for 30 days without worrying about exhausting bandwidth, our subscribers for this package find it useful for continue online research, downloading lectures notes,  video streaming etc.

  • Residential
    ADSL2+ broadband internet service home package is the most affordable fixed unlimited broadband internet in the Gambia, this package is usual bundle with 2 in 1 (Voice & Data) on the fixed telephone line. It allows our customer to enjoy stable internet connection on land phone without interfering with the voice calls as there’s an inbuilt filter that separates voice from data.

This package can also support TRIPLE PLAY (Voice + Data + IPTV). However, this requires higher bandwidth capacity.

 Customer Benefits

  • Unlimited Broadband access and uninterrupted telephone voice Calls
  • Bundle service; 2 in 1 experience, make telephone calls at the same time browsing the internet without any call drop
  • Telephone line still continues to operate irrespective of whether there is power or not
  • Always connected – 24/7
  • Good after sales support. Stand-by technical support team is always available for timely intervention throughout the country
  • No Hidden Costs attached.
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