DSL is an ideal broadband solution for Home, Small and Medium-sized Businesses that download large files or use the Internet extensively.

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Secured Corporate Connectivity.

Get Connected and enjoy the Fastest Internet Connection in The Country

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Web Hosting

We craft special hosting solutions for Joomla, WordPress, Magento and the other popular web applications

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Gamtel Wins Major Award

Gamtel The Only Telecommunications Company in The Gambia to be awarded the prestigious international award of Excellence.

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Call Waiting

This facility will enable you to receive calls while talking to someone else, you can ask the first caller to hold-on and you talk to the second caller without missing any of the calls

Recorded Calls

You may be too busy to dial a number or sometimes forget family numbers, with this facility by merely lifting the hand for couple of seconds the number programmed will ring

Caller ID

Caller ID enables you to know the telephone numbers of who ever called you and who ever is on the line, so if you are busy or not in, it will be easy to get back to them afterwards

Voice Mail

Act more or less like the good old answering machine, but it goes further than answering the phone if you are not available, it also answers the phone if you are busy on the line.

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                                 GUIDE LINES HOW TO INSTALL 3G BANTABA IN YOU SYSTEM



Your gateway to the Globe

A wireless router that works with the 3G Express dongle to create a wireless network connection for group users, suitable for small, medium scale businesses or just sharing the internet with your family at home.

Ideal for home and small scale businesses that require broadband speed daily.


• The 3G Bantaba allows connection of multiple users at the same time without any

hassle or any significant drop in speed.

• It has the capability of connecting more than 10 computers at any given time.

• Connect more people to the internet at the

cost of one.

• Very ideal for internet cafes, conference centers, big office halls and even different

offices at close proximity.

• Connection can be both wireless and LAN connection as the 3G bantaba comes with

LAN cable connectors as alternative.

• It gives all the benefits associated with 3G Express.

• You now have the comfort of accessing the Gamtel web portal to load your account,

check your credit balance and validity and query your account history. (www.myweb.



• Can connect wirelessly or with cable to all forms of computers

• High rate internet access.

• Strong compatibility.

• Received diversity.

• Same speed as in the 3G Express data card.

• Get connected and browse the net anywhere anytime at affordable rates.

• Enjoy unlimited access to the internet for home and office use.

• Connect and pay almost nothing during leisure hours

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