DSL is an ideal broadband solution for Home, Small and Medium-sized Businesses that download large files or use the Internet extensively.

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Secured Corporate Connectivity.

Get Connected and enjoy the Fastest Internet Connection in The Country

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Web Hosting

We craft special hosting solutions for Joomla, WordPress, Magento and the other popular web applications

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Gamtel Wins Major Award

Gamtel The Only Telecommunications Company in The Gambia to be awarded the prestigious international award of Excellence.

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Call Waiting

This facility will enable you to receive calls while talking to someone else, you can ask the first caller to hold-on and you talk to the second caller without missing any of the calls

Recorded Calls

You may be too busy to dial a number or sometimes forget family numbers, with this facility by merely lifting the hand for couple of seconds the number programmed will ring

Caller ID

Caller ID enables you to know the telephone numbers of who ever called you and who ever is on the line, so if you are busy or not in, it will be easy to get back to them afterwards

Voice Mail

Act more or less like the good old answering machine, but it goes further than answering the phone if you are not available, it also answers the phone if you are busy on the line.

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      Corporate Internet For Home Use (CIHU)

Corporate Internet for Home Use targets Corporate Institutions to provide fast and affordable broadband internet for their senior staff.

CIHU is a unique package  of two Gamtel flagship broadband internet services for organizations to communicate to its senior staff members anytime-(24/7) to respond to urgent issues that cannot wait for the next day of business.

  1. Super Xpress is a dedicated fixed wireless broadband internet service that rides on fiber optic backbone with point-to-point connectivity. This service provides super-fast, reliable and secured internet connection
  2. ADSL2+ Broadband is a fixed line broadband which is affordable and provides unlimited stable internet connection for higher user experiences.


        Customer Benefits

  • Countrywide coverage
  • Unlimited Broadband internet Speed
  • Simple to deploy with minimal installation cost
  • Provides Super-fast internet access without struggle or hassle with the speed
  • Dedicated bandwidth
  • Special discount + 1 Meg bonus
  • Free two weeks trial for 10 or more subscribtions



4G Super Xpress Broadband Service


Gamtel Super Xpress Broadband service is a 4G wireless access technology from Fibre Optic backbone that provides very fast broadband internet access to subscribers such as corporate institutions, Government agencies, schools, residential, Internet Cafes, SOHO etc. This service allows you to BROWSE UNLIMITED FOR 30 DAYS WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT EXHAUSTING YOUR MEGABITS.

Super Xpress Broadband has a very efficient and robust system that can be used to provide quick, cost effective and easy wireless access with seamless integration of both voice and data.  Quick to deploy as our expert technicians will just mounted an antenna on the roof of your House and then connected it to an Indoor wireless access point to create seamless WIFI around your home for computer, smartphone, tables, TV, gaming devices etc.

Gamtel’s desire is to serve customers in all parts of the country including areas outside the terrestrial network coverage, hence the introduction of a wireless broadband service offering (i.e. 4G Wimax technology), aims to address such market needs as well as serve customers with high speed bandwidth requirements.

Customer Benefits

  • Unlimited 4G Broadband internet Speed
  • Simple to deploy with minimal infrastructure cost
  • Provides Super-fast internet access
  • No more struggle or hassle with the speed
  • Countrywide coverage
  • Very energy-efficient and cost effective
  • Ideal for Residential, schools, small businesses, internet café, Restaurant and corporate institutions.


Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Gamtel is a pioneer in corporate social responsibility, with a cooperative welfare scheme offering staff a range of benefits, including loans to the company’s staff. Gamtel is one of the largest employers, with a workforce of more than 1,000 people, about a quarter of which are women. Training and skills development has always been at the core of our approach Form/Founded/open Gambia Telecommunication and Multimedia Institute (GTMI) to provide telecommunication engineering training to train aspiring telecoms engineer for the country.

Gamtel was the first company in The Gambia to set up and sponsor a football team, and which has participated at international level as part of it corporate social responsibility program to empower the youth.

Gamtel works in many areas of socio-economic development, the annual Gamtel/Gamcel fundraising GALA dinner is one such initiatives to help women and girls through health, agriculture and education programs. There is also the presidential alternative treatment program work to rehabilitate a female medical ward in the Edward Francis  Teaching Hospital, as well as work in rural areas by helping farmers with farming inputs. Gamtel has helped many of its staff to build homes and to educate their families through long-term loans. Other initiatives to help out staff facing difficulties also exist.

Board of Directors

Alh. Tafsirr S. A. Njie – Chairman (Non-executive director)

Mr. Bai Matarr Drammeh – Vice Chairman (Non-executive director)

Mr. Baboucarr J. Sanyang – Managing Director, GAMTEL (Executive director)

Mr. Lamin Camara – Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure (MOICI)- (Ex-officio)

Mr. Abdoulie Jallow – Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs (MOFEA) – (Ex-officio)

Mr. Momodou O. S. Badjie – Managing Director, Gambia National Petroleum Corporation (Ex-officio)

Mr. Lamin Sanyang – Managing Director, Gambia Ports Authority (Ex-officio)

Mr. Ebrima Jawara – Representative from the Office of the President (Ex-officio)

Dr. Momodou Jain – University of The Gambia (Non-executive director)

Mr. Edrissa Jobe – Staff Representative to the Board (Executive director)

Company Secretary and Secretary to the Board

Mr. Sarjo S. A. Ceesay



Gamtel management is spearheaded by Managing Director who act as executive director to the board of directors and he is directly assisted by Deputy Managing Director who oversee all the directorates, currently the operation of Gamtel is based on 15 Directorates who complement each other's efforts day to day to sees that all plans, instructions and directions of the Managing Director are properly observed, disseminated and faithfully implemented. Other casual contractors are also in place to complement the entire structure.

Internet  Café

What do you expect when the telecommunications giants start their own Internet Café line and that’s what Gamtel did.

Gamtel Cyber Café is one-stop-shop for Browsing, Printing Scanning and Photocopying and with the fastest speed you can ever imagine

The unique, innovative and upscale atmosphere with fully air condition facilities and adequate ventilation differentiates Gamtel Cyber café from alternative out there.

With it state-of-art infrastructure Gamtel roll-out internet Café throughout the country with the fastest speed and affordable charges for general public.

You can stop and test the speed of Gamtel Cyber café connection in any of the following outlet.

  Gamtel West Field

  Kairaba Avenue (SerreKunda Exchange)

  SerreKunda Bambo

  Kololi (Senegambia)

  Kombo Gunjur





Contact us

Gamtel House
3 Nelson Mandela Street
Banjul , The Gambia
Tel: 4229 999
Fax: 422 8004